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Finding time for creativity and new experiences

young people service

Finding time for creativity and new experiences is something we believe in providing for our clients.

For some, this is the first time that they have been able to go on trips to the beach, to cook sausages on a campfire or bake a cake. This can have a profound impact and can be a catalyst for important breakthroughs in a person’s recovery.

Within our Young People Service, we have been providing homes and support to a number of young unaccompanied asylum seekers in Salisbury and Andover. Our team make sure they are connected with the local mosques, ensure they have access to local health services and support them with any appointments they have, including helping them enrol with local colleges. They are learning to speak English, and several enjoyed a residential trip to the New Forest, sharing some experiences they have never had before. These are some of their comments during the trip….

“I like seeing [points at binoculars] the [mimics birds]. Here is very good.”

[Nods] “Yes, yes here very beautiful. I like [points at binoculars] and walking.” “I feel very, very good!” [gestures to his chest with big smile.] [Nods with big smile] “Yes very good!”

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