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Caroline’s story

Caroline attended our offices to tell me about her life and how Alabaré had believed in her.
Caroline is supported by our Home and Community team in her own home to enable her to achieve all the things she didn’t think she was capable of.  After a significant number of years living in several different types of accommodation and being supported by numerous agencies, Caroline came to Alabaré.

During her time with us, she has been assisted to make a gradual transition from supported living with 24-hour staff cover to semi-supported living with only daytime support to now living independently in her own home with a few hours of support each day.

In her own words

Before I moved to Alabaré, I had lived in so many homes and been supported by so many different agencies.  When I came to live with Alabaré, I used to shout a lot, but now I am much calmer.  Alabaré made me believe, through their support, that I could achieve things and gave me confidence.  My life is so much better now, and where I live now, I am accepted and have good neighbours.  I like to help people, support my neighbours, and do their shopping sometimes. I am also doing a computer course.  I still don’t believe how far I have come.

Alabaré has given me stability so I can do things.  They kept me and believed in me.  I don’t always realise what I have done. It’s hard to be proud of myself.  I feel like I have taken control of my life and now make my own phone calls and get myself to appointments.  I recently had a problem with my bus pass, and previously, I would have given up going places, but instead, I sorted it out by myself.  I have also got so much better at communicating with people.  I didn’t always answer the door or the phone to the support workers, which would cause problems.  I still let them in even if I don’t feel like talking. I am also more willing to meet new support workers and give them a chance.

This has all been possible because Alabaré believed in me.

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