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Auditing Success for Alabaré Homes and Services

Paula Philp the Alabaré Quality Assurance Manager reports:

I’ve been doing internal audits for just over a year, and although I’ve worked for Alabaré for over 12 years, I didn’t appreciate the extent of our services, particularly the geographical distances! I’ve travelled all over Wiltshire, across to South Wales, up to North Wales and down to Devon. With a total of 51 audits to do, these comprise of 87 homes and services.

At Alabaré, we want all of our homes and services to achieve Good or Excellent in their audits, aiming to maintain and improve. Any homes and services needing extra support receive an organisational approach, with key members pulling together to work through audit actions.

Between November 2022 and December 2023, there have been 35 audits completed, which have involved going to 60 homes and services. I have also spoken to 50 staff members and over 100 of our beneficiaries to gain perspective, ideas, and suggestions on our procedures and homes. All residents and clients are asked to complete a short survey; so far, 179 have responded, a 68% return rate. These surveys help identify areas of improvement, what we are doing well and how we can progress in the future.



































Andover Counselling Service (Good)
Andover Foyer (Excellent)
Boots on the Ground Young People and Boots on the Ground England (Excellent)
Marketing (Excellent) & Fundraising (Excellent)
Hope House (Good)
Macklin, Bingham and Guilder Homes (Good)
Community Self-build Plymouth (Good)
Volunteering Service (Good)
Alabaré Supported Housing South (Good)
Wiltshire Young People Services – Trowbridge (Good)

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Alabare Boots on the Ground veterans in Gibraltar at Lord Airey's Battery

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