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Riverside Sanctuary Feedback Survey

Thank you for agreeing to complete this anonymous survey about your recent experience with Riverside Sanctuary.

This survey should take around 10 minutes. All answers will:
  • Remain anonymous
  • Not be included in any records concerning you or your health
  • Not affect your access to Riverside Sanctuary
  • Help us develop and improve the service
  • Help us understand more about how we help
Please specify...
2. If Riverside Sanctuary had been unavailable, which alternatives would you have likely pursued?(Required)
Please tick all that apply
3. How did you access the service?(Required)
6. In the future, how would you like to access Riverside Sanctuary support?(Required)
Tick all that apply or specify other below
Strongly disagreeDisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree
It prevented me doing something that would have caused me serious harm
It helped me feel safe
It helped me feel more in control
It gave me confidence in using additional services/other support
It helped me understand and talk about my feelings
It gave me hope for the future
It made me feel less in control
It made me feel less hopeful about the future
It made me feel unsafe
Select and rate all that apply.
8. If you found the service at Riverside Sanctuary helpful, which aspects were most helpful?(Required)
Please select all that apply
Very satisfiedSomewhat satisfiedNeither satisfied nor dissatisfiedSomewhat dissatisfiedDissatisfied
Select the option the option that best applies
Extremely likelyLikelyNeither likely nor unlikelyExtremely unlikelyDon't know
Select the option the option that best applies.
Extremely likelyLikelyNeither likely nor unlikelyUnlikelyExtremely unlikelyDon't know
Select the option the option that best applies.

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If you need some help or have any questions please get in touch. We will get back to you within 48 hours for any general enquiries. If you need emergency help click here

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