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Glen’s Story

Glen came to Alabaré’s Homes for Veterans in Plymouth, following over 12 years as a homeless street veteran. He was dependent on Class A drugs for many years following a tough childhood, his years in service and the death of his lovely partner from cancer many years ago when his life began to unravel.

During the pandemic, his health began to deteriorate rapidly, and he spent a considerable time in hospital with Covid and was not expected to survive. He had previously spent some time in our Gosport home, but he had been unable to hold down the tenancy and now sees he was a bit troublesome and that he hadn’t appreciated what a good thing it was, being still in a bad place. Following his hospital stay, he knew he was dying and had to sort his life out. Following a stint in an Oxford night shelter, he was once again admitted to hospital urgently with a couple of tumours. Before going in, he felt the need to get baptised, Glen adds,

“I always knew God existed, but I chose not to believe because I thought I knew everything, but when my health was going, I begged for another chance, and it was granted, and so I know he’s there. He’s always been there. That’s why I’m here to talk to you now.”

“You know I made a promise to God and said that if he saved me, I’d do the best I could to turn my life around. So, I spent a year proving to the authorities that I was staying off drugs by attending meetings and avoiding my usual triggers, which meant they approved my application for a detoxing and rehabilitation programme, which is the best thing I ever did.”

Glen has recently completed his street pastor training which means he can help mentor others who may be struggling. He is enjoying time meeting fellow housemates and helping them along by encouraging others to share films or a coffee with him.  He has also discovered he has a talent for creative writing, following a course which he hopes in time will enable him to go to college or university one day, despite leaving school without any GCSEs to his name.

At first, Glen did not think that Alabaré would accept him again because of what happened previously, but he adores life in Plymouth and hopes never to move too far away once he manages to secure a permanent tenancy of his own. Glen says he has appreciated the structure and the way he’s been helped and signposted to things.

Meanwhile, most importantly, his relationship with his son is stronger than ever, and they are planning a trip in the summer back to Germany so Glen can show his now-grown son where his father grew up.

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