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Building a sustainable future for our charity

A homeless charity needs homes. In order to provide Alabaré with the financial stability to ensure we are still providing homes and support for the next thirty years, we have launched a major capital appeal.

The Covid pandemic significantly hit us as a charity, and our clients. The governent took action to help many people supported off the streets but the measures were sadly only temporary. The financial rollercoaster of Covid, followed by the cost of living crisis hav demonstrated how vulnerable our charity and our clients are to unsustainable rent and mortgage increases. To reduce the impact of these and future financial factors we recognise that we must reduce our reliance on the rental market and build our capital reserves.

We have undertaken an audit of the 80 properties we run our services from and looked at the suitability and ownership of each. From this work have created a ten year plan which outlines which properties we need to relocate, release and acquire. The plan requires us to raise at least £13.5 million to achieve the new sustainable property structure, and therefore, Alabaré is seeking individuals, companies and trusts to partner with to achieve our capital goal.

Sustainable Futures, floor plan for Wiltshire

Phase one in Wiltshire

Buying properties in Wiltshire gives us the most flexibility should the levels of need change and be a vital resource in securing the charity’s future.  Initially, it will be securing funding for a home for veterans and flats for homeless young people. It is a collective ask of £3.5m to provide 18 bed spaces.

Levels of support:

  • A home is gifted – our homes appear to be regular family homes from the outside and range from three to five-bedroom properties. Gifted houses often welcome clients, but sometimes a donated house does not fit our criteria, i.e., located where we do not operate, so it is sold to fund a purchase. Houses may be left to Alabaré in a will or gifted earlier so that the impact is seen immediately.
  • Funds are donated to buy an individual home or part of a home – as an individual or a group.
  • A home is leased at a peppercorn rent – ownership is retained to benefit from any capital increase while rental costs are significantly reduced. The agreement could be for ten years or life.
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Sustainable Futures, floor plan

Why support a capital appeal?

Compassion.  To directly address the needs of the homeless.

Social Impact.  The financial benefit to society from reducing homelessness is estimated that for every £1 invested into ending homelessness, there is a social benefit of £2.80.* This is the saving made in NHS, Police, and social service costs in looking after someone on the street.  Financial support, therefore, creates direct financial and wellbeing benefits.

Tax benefits of giving: Whether a donation now to reduce tax liability or in a will to reduce inheritance tax, there are significant financial benefits for a company or individuals and their families. HRMC provides the most up-to-date guidance.

Being a positive advocate for change. High-level donations, such as houses, can inspire others to contribute as well. It is a powerful change-maker, creating the feel-good factor.

alabare Wyndham Road

Case Study

When Sarah’s Father died, she decided to invest her inheritance in a property. Working in partnership with Alabaré, a house for our clients with learning difficulties was identified and purchased.

Sarah will benefit from the increase in the capital value of the house over time, Alabaré saves on rental costs and a wonderful home was created for our clients. Alabaré manages the property for Sarah, and they meet regularly to ensure it is well maintained and the capital investment protected.

Severe Weather Emergency Protocol - SWEP - homeless man in tent

Join us on our journey

If you would like to journey alongside us to identify a property and its purchase and to welcome our first clients, or we arrange it all and keep them up-to-date.  A specific client group, such as the parent and baby programme, can be selected or a geographical area. The level of publicity is up to the supporter; a home could be named after a loved one to honour them, or the support is celebrated in the media, or the partnership is kept completely private.

If you are interested or wish to discuss it, please contact

By funding a home, you will reduce our costs and positively contribute to building a more robust financial foundation from which the charity can prosper, increasing our ability to support the homeless and vulnerable.

People with mental health disabilities or illness find it so hard to access secure housing, which is absolutely vital for their wellbeing and so offering a house for Alabaré’s clients helps me feel I have made a significant difference in their lives. The property is on a 10-year lease, which means that I contain overall ownership of the property, a great way to invest funds in property for my future and the future of Alabaré’s clients.

Sarah - Landlord

What we do

We’ve been supporting homeless, vulnerable and marginalised people for over 30 years, empowering individuals to live a fulfilled and independent life. See below for more details of who and how we help.

Parent and baby together
Parent & Baby

Supporting homeless and vulnerable young parents into independent living so that they can provide a fulfilling life for both them and their child. For young parents aged between 16 – 25 years.

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Alabare Homes for Veterans homeless veteran
Homeless and vulnerable veterans

Our veterans pathway provides housing and support with health, finances, employment and opportunities for a small but significant minority of veterans struggling in their civilian lives across the South West and Wales.

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Woman and learning disabilities page
Learning disability

Our supported living homes in Wiltshire, together with the activities run at our two Development Centres, ensure our adults with learning disabilities help everyone have access to choice and independence.

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