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Burnbake Prison Art Exhibition at Shepton Mallet

Display of paintings and drawings created by Burnbake Prison Art Project

This May we are excited to be joining forces with Shepton Mallet Prison for an exhibition of painting and drawings from our Alabaré Burnbake Prison Art project.

Running from 25th May to 2nd June 2024 at Shepton Mallet Prison, this ground-breaking art exhibition promises to captivate audiences and shed light on the transformative power of art in prisoner rehabilitation efforts.
The art exhibition at Shepton Mallet aims to raise awareness of prisoner rehabilitation while giving the public to engage with genuine prison art at affordable prices.

Scheduled to take place during the upcoming May half term, the exhibition with over 200 paintings offers attendees a rare glimpse into the world behind bars.  Each piece of artwork has been created by someone who is part of our Alabaré Burnbake Prison Art Project, which is committed to the rehabilitation of people who are incarcerated, through the therapeutic benefits of art. Through a diverse array of paintings and mixed-media pieces, visitors to the art exhibition will be able to see first-hand the creativity, resilience, and humanity of those within the prison system.

“Our goal with this exhibition is to challenge perceptions, spark conversations, and promote understanding about the complexities of rehabilitation within prisons,” said Charlie Lawson, Attractions Manager. “Art has the power to transcend boundaries, bridge divides, and foster empathy, and we believe it plays a vital role in supporting positive change within prison communities.”

The event holds significance not only as an opportunity for cultural enrichment but also as a platform for education and dialogue.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Shepton Mallet Prison to bring this important art exhibition to life,” said Eva Hogendoorn, our Alabaré Burnbake Prison Art Project Manager. “By showcasing the talent and creativity of incarcerated individuals, we hope to highlight the potential for rehabilitation and inspire positive change within our society.”

The Shepton Mallet Prison Art Exhibition promises to be a transformative experience for all who attend, offering a unique blend of history, culture, and social impact. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets of the past and explore the possibilities of the future through the power of art.

In addition to visiting the exhibition, attendees will have the chance to upgrade their experience to participate in Guided Tour, Self-Guided Tour, Storytelling or even an Escape Room activity. These interactive experiences are designed to only for enjoyment but also offer a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the prison system.

For more information, including event details and ticketing information, please visit the Shepton Mallet Prison website.

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