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Beth’s story

Beth came to our Hampshire home for young people following an ongoing family home issue with her stepdad.

Homeless woman with ponytail

Beth came to our Hampshire home for young people following an ongoing family home issue with her stepdad.

Beth struggled with binge drinking and had been receiving support from a drug and alcohol service before arriving with us.  While living with us, she attended external counselling with CHMT.  Despite this, she struggled for a time to control her drinking, which set her recovery back a few months, which she controlled by isolating herself from the outside world of pubs, restaurants, social gatherings and friends.


I am so much better at coping now, I have tools to help me.

With positive key work sessions working around having “blips” and seeing these more as perfectly usual, working on healthy relationships and building an understanding that isolation from the world isn’t the answer, Beth can now socialise and is mindful when she is drinking alcohol and can now control the amount drunk. Beth is now becoming a positive, confident Individual. Although in the past she attended University, she had to withdraw from the course for personal reasons, but now she feels she is ready to resume studies and complete her course online. In the meantime, Beth is working as a hotel receptionist and has had vital sessions on budgeting and independent living skills; as a result, we’re delighted to say that Beth is soon going to move on to her own independent accommodation.

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