Save our Young Peoples Services

Young people are at increasing risk of becoming homeless. A recent study suggests up to 11,000 young people will potentially be hit by a government decision to end housing support for 18-21 year olds, a policy which charities have pointed out will actually end up costing more than it saves and will mean more young people facing life on the streets. *

Alabaré's homes, drop in centres and training facilities help hundreds of homeless young people like Carl off the streets for good;

Growing up, Carl suffered from physical abuse at the hands of his father. At just 18 years old he became homeless and moved into one of our projects dedicated to homeless young people. It was a very dark time in Carl's life - but our team provided the care and support that helped him turn his life around. Alabaré training courses helped build his confidence and soon he felt positive enough to begin applying for jobs.

"People should support Alabaré because they give people a second chance, they get to further their education, help them better themselves so that when they become an adult they can work, support themselves and have families. Thank you Alabaré for everything you have done for me."

We feel privileged to be such a vital part of Carl’s life; but we know that without your support we wouldn’t be able to do it.

Continued cuts to local government funding means that our crucial services for young people are under threat. Please give today, and help us continue to be there for young people like Carl in need in the years ahead.


£28 could provide a pack of living essentials for a young person moving into our home (many young people come to us with little or nothing).

£52 could pay for our staff to support a young person in applying for a job or college place.

£105 could pay for a young person to take part in our 'Home & Money Programme', giving them the financial life skills they will need to live on their own.


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You can also donate by phone - 01722 346548


*Statistic Shelter, 2017